A day in my hectic life

Who would’ve guessed that I would be starting a blog about my personal journey as a mother.

Me! Someone that wanted nothing to do with online stuff. Well truth is that that I have always been curious about how other mothers get online and document their journeys.

So here I go, I want to be covering everything that I deal with from day to day, nappy changes, bottle feeding and baby nurturing. My little bub is everything to me but at times I feel so overwhelmed as a new mom.

Having to keep the house in order, cleaning up baby toys that have been scattered all over the house, changing diapers, setting up crib for little baby.

Well you get the picture, mommy life is hectic and looking after a baby takes up all your time. Having to use diaper rush creams, keeping the crib mattress clean and even using my breast pumps in my free time.

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