Why I decided to stop co-sleeping

So many parents are co-sleeping with their little ones, as was I, until the other day when I decided that my baby was old enough to now sleep on her own.

It was incredibly hard at the start to sleep apart but I was determined to make this work. I wanted her to sleep in her own crib for the sake of both of us.

When I first started to look for baby crib I went all over the baby stores. There was so many types to choose from that I was unsure what I needed in the end.

I went back home and fired up the PC and started to research online what was the best crib for my baby. I wanted one that was safe and easy to maneuver. Definitely crib research can be done on www.thinkbaby.org particularly most of my information on cribs was found. The whole point of finding the best baby mini cribs was so that it would make my life and my baby’s life easier.

I didn’t want bells and whistles. Just a plain old crib that would accommodate my little baby girl. So fast forward to today where we are both sleeping in our own beds now. I know my little one is safe in her crib are my research was based around finding the safest one possible.

My husband is amazed at how well I was able to research and find such a great solution to our sleeping needs. I think all mothers will need to let their baby’s sleep alone at some point. The sooner you start the better it is for your loved one. This obviously is my experience and I’m not trying to preach on what is the best for you, but I so highly recommend trying it even just for a trial run and see how you and your baby like it or not.

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